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Hatha Yoga

enhances strength, flexibility, and balance.


Hatha Yoga classes are open to all experience levels, from beginners to the more advanced student.

Variations of each of the postures (asanas) are given so that the class can be tailored to your individual needs.



Recovering from an injury, an illness, or just interested in a natural way to relax?

Restorative yoga takes a step back from stretches of traditional yoga, and focuses on simple poses in supported positions, encouraging deep relaxation so your mind can enter a peaceful, meditative state.

In this class, Christiane offers guidance to begin your yoga practice and bring harmony to your quality of life – one gentle stretch at a time.

Explore how mind-body relaxation can bring balance to the five layers of self (koshas): physical, energy, mind, intellect, and blissful consciousness where you become unburdened by body, emotions, and thoughts.

Be guided by a qualified international yoga Therapist and find the right position to reduce lower back pain, relieve stress, breathe easier, and improve your energy.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

  • Increase strength
  • Improve flexibility & balance
  • Reduce stress by creating emotional calmness and mental clarity
  • Reduce depression & anxiety

Studio Specialties

Hatha Yoga

The regular practice of Yoga enhances strength, flexibility, and balance. If you’re feeling tired from stress, work, or life in general these classes aim to help you feel balanced, recharged, and ready to take on the world.

Yoga Therapy

Your inner world is reflected in your outer world. In order to meet the world in an open way, in which you can experience balance and flow, you first need to establish a solid connection with yourself.


Move from conflicting action to creative response. When faced with resistance, emotional reactions, anxiety, and worry, Yoga Nidra provides the means to move from conflicting reactions to creative response.

Soul Counseling

Holistic perspective that integrates the body, emotions, mind, and spirit, the spiritual level is the deepest, the most profound, and the most instrumental in creating a rewarding and fulfilling life.